Digitally Blossomed


Digitally Blossomed is a Virtual Assistant & Marketing Design Studio. I’m here to help you regain valuable time and work in your area of expertise while I take care of some of the tasks you are too busy for and creatively tell your business story through beautiful design. 

Perhaps you…

  • Believe organisation is very important in your business
  • Believe you can grow your revenue without increasing the hours you work
  • Believe design is an important ambassador for your brand
  • Believe in the beauty of the simplicity

Then, you’re in the right place! I’m here to work alongside you to bring your visions to life while you enjoy running a great business!

Meet Alexandra

I’m Alexandra and I’m glad you are here. I started Digitally Blossomed with the goal to help people and businesses to free up time with their tasks and to tell their unique stories through beautifully crafted designs.

I am excited to free up your time, remove the day-to-day details that keep you stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed, and at times feel out of control.

I’ve got a Management and Marketing Bachelor’s Degree, Strategic Business Management Master’s Degree, and Web Development Bootcamp Diploma. I’ve worked as a Manager’s Assistant, an Office Administrator/Marketing Support, and a Software Engineer. While in these roles, I have got a very useful set of skills and I have supported many Executives, a Managing Director, a Financial Director, and the business as a whole.

I want to do more than just be another Virtual Assistant or do just some Marketing Design! I not only want to contribute to a beautiful identity, but I want to be part of helping your brand grow

Let’s keep learning, taking calculated risks & working smart!